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About Us

We are concerned at the rate misinformation and disinformation campaigns are spreading online, fueling hate and shaping public opinion in Iran, so we work towards countering their harm by fact-checking misinformation and exposing disinformation campaigns.

Launched in 2017 by ASL19, a private company registered in Toronto, Canada, Factnameh is powered by an independent, nonpartisan fact-checking team offering timely multimedia content to help Iranians make informed decisions and hold officials accountable.

In Iran, heavy censorship, limited freedom of expression, and the lack of government transparency exacerbate the danger of misinformation. Beyond the scope of social media, coordinated disinformation campaigns backed by powerful public figures and state-owned media are posing great threats to societies in Iran and globally.

By harnessing technology tools and a highly interactive platform, Factnameh closely monitors news and trending Persian content with the help of our in-country and diaspora audiences. Since 2020, Factnameh has expanded its operation by ramping up multimedia production of fact-checking videos, podcasts, and feature-length documentaries. The transition to a fully multimedia project increases Iranians’ access to uncensored, diversified media, while embedding fact-checking content in platforms that are increasingly popular among a wide spectrum of Iranians.

With a remote team based outside of Iran, Factnameh produces over 200 fact-checks each year and continues to incorporate robust technology and dissemination methods to engage Iranians despite censorship and internet shutdowns. Under a nonpartisan principle, we support civil societies and promote government accountability for a better future.

Our Team

  • Farhad Souzanchi

  • Reza Moutari

    Managing Editor
  • Afshin Sadri

    Fact-checker/Multimedia Producer
  • Soheil Azadi

  • Saba Rostami

    Marketing Lead
  • Hila Nikoo

  • Rosa Mohtaseb

    Social Media Coordinator

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Fact-checking platform dedicated to Persian news and social media

About Us

  • What is Factnameh?
  • Our Principles
  • Our Team

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